LCL Consolidation

LCL Consolidation

LCL consolidation is a form of international trade that has become popular in recent years. It exists because there are many companies that do not have the ability to transport goods from country to country on their own - this can be due to a lack of vehicles, a lack of drivers, or a lack of knowledge about the routes and customs laws in different countries. Companies can instead opt to use an LCL consolidator instead - essentially outsourced drivers who will ship goods from one country to another on behalf of the initial company at a cost that can be lower than transporting goods by air or by sea. can benefit from the lower cost and improved service of truckload shipment by aggregating orders from multiple shippers going for the same area, rather than needing to fill the entire truck.

What is LCL Consolidation, and how does it work?

Our company can share decreased rates and increased efficiencies with clients because outbound freight frequently goes to the same distribution hubs or receiving locations. Several vendors send orders to the same distribution hub or retailer. Your company can take advantage of freight consolidation solutions by recognizing situations when it makes sense.

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